Sellers of used pool balls often misrepresent them as Aramith, or the wrong model of Aramith. This guide is to help properly identify Aramith balls.

Balls in an Aramith ball box does not automatically mean they were made by Aramith. A box similar to Aramith's design not having their name or "made in Belgium" printed on the box does not automatically mean the balls inside were made by Aramith. Aramith balls in an Aramith box doesn't automatically mean the balls are the model written on the box.

How do non-Aramith balls get into an Aramith box? Lots of pool table owners initially acquire an economy set of balls. When they later upgrade to Aramith, they put the new balls on the table and the old budget balls in the Aramith box. That box goes up on a shelf and is forgotten. Someone later finds that box, reads it, and puts it up for sale as Aramith. Usually it's an honest mistake, but it happens with very high frequency. Similarly, people upgrade from one Aramith to another, placing the lesser valued Aramith balls in a higher valued Aramith box.

Aramith is currently and has always been the leading maker of quality pool balls. They are the only pool ball maker in Belgium. Their ball boxes have always either mentioned their name or Belgium.

Please see site navigation for sets and examples of balls not made by Aramith.

If you still need help determining if a ball is made by Aramith, please send an email with a good picture or a link to one.